• Aluminum alloy metal base to create textured furniture

    Aluminum alloy metal base to create textured furnitureThere are many applications of metal in furniture, because it has strong plasticity, and details such as fineness, grinding or polishing of indust

    2022/07/25 admin

  • More details of gaming chair overview

    More details of gaming chair overviewE-sports refers to sports events that use electronic games to compete. Electronic devices, as sports equipment, compete with each other in intelligence and reflexe

    2022/07/16 admin

  • BIFMA Furniture Supplier Production Standards

    Office chair metal base is a common chair component. Generally divided into aluminum legs and iron legs. For most people, they probably don't know how to measure the quality of sofa furniture from

    2022/07/16 admin

  • Heavy Duty Office Chair Base

    Heavy duty office chair bases are perfect for buying a brand new office chair. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a new chair to take on the heavier load capacity, simply replace the broken b

    2022/05/20 admin

  • What is chrome chair base?

    What is chrome chair base?The chrome chair base is made of iron. Often referred to as a metal base or a steel base.The raw material is iron pipe or sheet, which is produced by punching machine, then w

    2022/05/14 admin

  • The Differences Between Nylon, Aluminum & Chrome Office Chair Base

    There are three main types of office chair bases: nylon, aluminum and chrome. You may wonder:--What are the differences between them?--How to choose?--What are their advantages and disadvantages?In th

    2022/04/19 admin

  • Office chair parts diagram guides from China supplier

    There are many different types of office chairs. Some office chairs are more complex than others.Since not all office chairs are the same, our parts of an office chair diagrams set out the anatomies o

    2022/04/15 admin

  • The differences between nylon aluminum chrome office chair base

    There are three main types of office chair bases: nylon, aluminum, and chrome. What are the differences between them? How to choose? What are their advantages and disadvantages? In the following cont

    2022/03/11 admin

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