• TFS Furniture Lounge Chair Aluminum Alloy Hardware Accessories

    Everyone knows that the sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture in the living room. The function of the sofa determines its position in the furniture. However, through observation, most people do

    2022/05/25 admin

  • 4 and 5 leg swivel chair base overview

    The lounge chair is the chair we usually use to enjoy leisure time. This chair is not as formal as dining and office chairs, it has a little personality for visual and physical comfort. Leisure chairs

    2022/07/16 admin

  • TFS Furniture Accessories-Tips for picking leisure chair legs

    Now there are more and more styles of leisure chairs on the market, and the styles of leisure chair legs have become diverse, and they are also very casual to use. The same chair can play different ro

    2022/05/11 admin

  • What are chrome chair base parts?

    What are chrome chair base parts?Chrome chair base parts are the foundation of an office chair, which is divided into metal iron, steel aluminum alloys. An office chair base typically includes 5 legs

    2022/04/28 admin

  • Talking about team building of office furniture

    Keywords in this article: office furniture, five-star feet, bow feet, nylon chair feet, aluminum alloy chair feet, iron chair feet, electroplating feet, polished feetI have two understandings of a tea

    2022/04/13 admin

  • First experience of office furniture products

    What is product first experience? Let us imagine that a buyer of a company today buys a batch of office furniture according to the boss's request. What choices will he have? . Keywords in this art

    2022/04/13 admin

  • Top 10 Office Furniture Manufacturers in the World

    Ranking the Top 10 Office Furniture Manufacturers in the WorldThe top 10 office furniture manufacturers in the world have been dominating the global office furniture market for decades — Mainly led by

    2022/03/15 admin

  • What is a Tub Chair?

    What is a Tub Chair?

    2022/09/27 admin

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