• The Injection Molding Process of Nylon Office Chair Bases

    The nylon five-star bases of office chairs are mainly made of nylon material and glass fiber injection molding, connecting with the gas cylinder, and the production process for this plastic product is

    2022/08/10 admin

  • What is a swivel chair base?

    What is a swivel chair base? The base of the swivel chair is the foot of the swivel chair that can be equipped with casters. The foot of the chair can be four or five, usually more than five. The mate

    2022/05/30 admin

  • How to find a suitable chair base parts supplier?

    We Process replacement metal chair base,chair casters and Chair Gas Lift chair mechanism,chair armrest.We offer a wide variety of office chair base prices options are available to you, such as materia

    2022/04/15 admin

  • What are the common office chair accessories?

    For office workers who sit in the office every day, office chairs are a familiar office product. We spend eight hours or more in office chairs every day. A good and comfortable office chair will make

    2022/01/18 admin

  • Heavy Duty Office Chairs - What You Need to Know

    Heavy Duty Office Chairs - What You Need to Know

    2022/08/22 admin

  • TFS Furntirue New Steel Five Star Office Chair Base Welding

    TFS Furniture new product steel five star office chair base welding video, the weld line is very beautiful and strong, this product has passed the static pressure and drop test, customer customized

    2022/05/18 admin

  • How to choose five star base for office chairs?

    How to choose five star base for office chairs?The five-star base currently on the market are made of nylon, steel, and aluminum alloy.1.The price of nylon five-star base is relatively cheap, the grad

    2022/01/18 Lucky

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