• 2022 Best Heavy Duty Black Detachable Nylon Base For Chairs

    The newest mold and best heavy duty chair base,made by nylon,can be detachable,with stable quality,save space and freight.

    2022/08/15 admin

  • Are Office Chair Bases Universal?

    So you’ve researched a lot about the best office chair and the factors to consider when buying one. But have you thought about the chair base?My guess is that you most probably haven’t even given it a

    2022/08/10 admin

  • Office chair accessories five star feet is essential

    "A person's life is about 40 years of work, 230 days a year, 8 hours a day, and the total time spent sitting in an office chair can reach 75,000 hours." Office chairs have always been a

    2022/07/30 admin

  • TFS Furniture Fittings

    TFS furniture fittings company specialized in iron tube processing for the construction of frames and metal structures,in Dongguan China. we have also produced chair parts for chair companies.

    2022/06/17 admin

  • How about the price of chrome chair base

    When it comes to the price of chrome chair base, everyone must know that the price of chrome chair base is different for each office chair parts manufacturer.The material of the chrome chair base can

    2022/05/24 admin

  • What are chrome chair base parts?

    What are chrome chair base parts?Chrome chair base parts are the foundation of an office chair, which is divided into metal iron, steel aluminum alloys. An office chair base typically includes 5 legs

    2022/04/28 admin

  • Common Defects and Solutions for the Injection of Nylon Office Chair Bases

    The production process of the office chair nylon base is injection molding. As a chair parts manufacturer, we have our own standards for the defects and know how to fix them.Injection defects of nylon

    2022/04/22 admin

  • Swivel office chair parts manufacturer

    TFS Furniture Accessories Co., Ltd was established in 2004 as an manufactory of office chair parts in Shenzhen.In 2014, TFS moved from Shenzhen to Shipai Town, Dongguan,TFS is specialized in star base

    2022/04/15 admin

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