• What are the office chair accessories manufacturers

    What are the office chair accessories manufacturers1.Ji-wen Metal and Plastic Products CompanyEstablished in 1992,Ji-wen Metal & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. is a manufactory which is specialize in p

    2022/08/01 admin

  • 4 and 5 leg swivel chair base overview

    The lounge chair is the chair we usually use to enjoy leisure time. This chair is not as formal as dining and office chairs, it has a little personality for visual and physical comfort. Leisure chairs

    2022/07/16 admin

  • TFS Furniture Fittings

    TFS furniture fittings company specialized in iron tube processing for the construction of frames and metal structures,in Dongguan China. we have also produced chair parts for chair companies.

    2022/06/17 admin

  • TFS Furniture - Office Seat Components

    Office chairs, as the name suggests, refer to various chairs that are equipped for the convenience of work in daily work and social activities. Office chairs refer not only to the back chairs that peo

    2022/05/16 admin

  • What are chrome chair base parts?

    What are chrome chair base parts?Chrome chair base parts are the foundation of an office chair, which is divided into metal iron, steel aluminum alloys. An office chair base typically includes 5 legs

    2022/04/28 admin

  • TFS Furniture New Star Chair Base BIFMA Test Report

    TFS Furniture Accessories Co., Ltd is a manufactory which is specialized in starbase(aluminum alloy base, steel base, plastic base), armrest(aluminum armrest, steel armrest, plastic armrest), and othe

    2022/04/23 admin

  • Swivel office chair parts manufacturer

    TFS Furniture Accessories Co., Ltd was established in 2004 as an manufactory of office chair parts in Shenzhen.In 2014, TFS moved from Shenzhen to Shipai Town, Dongguan,TFS is specialized in star base

    2022/04/15 admin

  • Office Chair Components - Chair Legs

    The chair leg can be divided into nylon plastic foot, electroplating, aluminum alloy polished foot, iron frame foot (bentwood, iron tube foot), and so on.The shape can be divided into five-star feet,

    2022/03/12 admin

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