Realize the promotion and application of smart home furniture with the help of real estate developers

2022-08-24 09:55:02 admin

Realize the promotion and application of smart home furniture with the help of real estate developers

As the upstream industry of the home furniture industry, real estate has many aspects of cooperation. From the current point of view, in the sales channels of smart home furniture, the real estate channel accounts for a huge proportion. It can be seen that real estate developers have risen to become smart home furniture companies. of major customers. In recent years, the formulation of various real estate policies has also promoted the cooperation between real estate developers and home furnishing companies. The conditions for cooperation between smart home furniture companies and real estate developers are constantly being formed, and the market potential is huge.

In recent years, the huge market potential of smart home furniture has attracted many companies to come and make full preparations to seize this cake. However, smart home furniture, which seems to have taken a good road, has not produced the kind of effect that manufacturers expected.

The raging flames of the smart home furniture industry have not formed a prairie prairie, and most of the applications are still concentrated in the tip of the pyramid in the consumer market. For ordinary consumers, this kind of luxury that is desirable but not required is relatively rare. There are still many bottlenecks on the road to popularization. How can large-scale applications be achieved?

Judging from the current application of smart home furniture, most of the products are still used in high-end real estate and luxury homes. For any product, if you want to achieve universal application, the premise must have a market. But if you only rely on smart home furniture companies to go it alone, the speed of popularization will not accelerate. It is a beneficial move to use the power of real estate developers to promote smart home furniture.

Among the current sales channels of smart home furniture, 80% are used in real estate channels, and 20% are used in retail channels. It can be seen that real estate developers have risen to become major customers of smart home furniture companies. In addition, according to the list of ten successful marketing models in my country's smart home furniture market, the first-ranked smart home furniture marketing method is the cooperative marketing method with real estate.

It also includes three major marketing methods: fine decoration real estate project cooperation, sample housing project cooperation, and real estate delivery timed display cooperation. From these data, relying on real estate companies to drive the smart home furniture market will promote the development of smart home furniture in a better and faster direction. Real estate developers will also become favorable promoters of the popularization of smart home furniture.

The road of cooperation between real estate and smart home furniture has gone through a long running-in process. During the downturn in real estate, smart home furniture is regarded by real estate developers as a life-saving straw for real estate sales. For the smart home furniture industry, which has been in a tepid state for a long time, getting closer to real estate developers can also bring more benefits. many practical benefits.

Especially with more and more choices of smart home furniture products and solutions, the owner's increasing acceptance of smart home furniture, and the development trend of fine decoration in real estate, etc., have laid a good foundation for real estate developers and the smart home furniture industry. the basis of cooperation.