Introduction of several commonly used office furniture leg

2022-03-23 20:05:39 admin

Whether the office furniture is made of wood or a combination of steel and wood, its basic mechanism is composed of two parts: panel and frame. The frame of the office furniture is actually the leg part of the office furniture. The leg of the office furniture is connected to the ground, which is related to the stability of the entire office furniture when it is placed. Sometimes it is also responsible for the beauty of the lines, so the office furniture has several leg kinds.

1. Straight leg

Usually, the legs of solid wood desks are connected to the ground with four legs straight. For some more classical-style solid wood desks, some aesthetic modifications may be made where the legs of the desk meet the ground, such as leopard feet and lion feet. , horseshoe feet, etc., there may be curvature in the middle, but the overall horizontal line is 90 degrees up and down, so these are straight legs.

2. Tilt your leg

Tilt legs are office furniture legs with an inclination. Among modern office chairs, the feet of this type of craft is often used, and most of them are made of metal. With a modern sense of fashion.

3. Mouth-shaped leg

This kind of office furniture leg is usually used in office furniture that combines steel and wood. After the two adjacent office furniture legs are connected to the ground, a horizontal bar is used to connect the two office furniture feet in the middle. This kind of office furniture foot design is more stable. With the application of the mouth-shaped legs, now based on the mouth-shaped leg, there are more beautiful butterfly legs, that is, the legs on both sides of the mouth-shaped office furniture feet are recessed to form a shape similar to butterfly wings, which increases the office The aesthetics of the overall structure of the furniture.

About Office Furniture Ottomans

Office furniture foot pads are used by most office furniture, that is, where the feet of the office furniture is connected to the ground, a protective footpad is installed. The material of the footpad is either metal or plastic. The purpose is to protect the office furniture. Furniture feet and floors, and facilitates the removal of office furniture. In the modern partition workstation, because there are no obvious table legs, the screen supports the desktop directly to form the table legs, so in order to protect the screen, the screen will be equipped with footpads.