A good office chair is essential to setting up a successful work environment.

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A good office chair is essential to setting up a successful work environment.

What Are the Benefits of Using Desk Chairs?

Sitting in a properly fitted desk chair can reduce physical stress and improve mental focus. By relieving pressure or pain from maintaining a sitting position for hours on end, users will feel better and be able to concentrate for longer. This will boost productivity and morale, benefiting their work overall.

Styles with height-adjustable seats and backs accommodate almost any body type comfortably. Many office desk chairs have adjustable armrests to relieve shoulder and wrist fatigue when typing, which is important when spending multiple hours using a computer keyboard. In the long run, ergonomic and comfortable desk chairs can lower healthcare costs and help relieve pressure on the user's  joints.

What Types of Office Desk Chairs Are Available?


Traditional desk chairs include computer chairs, task chairs and more. The commonality between these is upholstered pads that support your legs and back. Most pads are made of thick foam for support, however mesh chairs have seats and backs made from a strong, open-weave fabric that's stretched across a sturdy frame. Air circulates through the material, keeping users cool while they work. Most offer very firm support.

Desk chair models with built-in lumbar supports encourage an upright posture that reduces lower back stress. Designed to be used with office desks, they’re the right height to keep you comfortable. Contoured seat and back padding provides firm support, and waterfall seat edges reduce pressure on the user’s thighs, enhancing circulation. Some models also have recline mechanisms for a few moments of relaxation when needed.


These ergonomic desk chair designs encourage the user to adjust the position to maintain balance. This motion can reduce the effects of sitting for long periods to enhance employee comfort, reduce fatigue and improve concentration.

Ball chairs: These backless seats are constructed of an air filled ball, similar to a stability ball from the gym. They’re meant to engage your core, allowing you to get your blood flowing without ever leaving your office space. Not only do they let you fidget to expel excess energy, but these chairs allow for physical activity as you work.

Kneeling chairs: These chairs feature a small seat and a knee pad that supports the user's weight. Users place their knees on the pad and spread their weight across their shins. These specialty designs take pressure off your back and rear when you sit, instead distributing the tension to your legs. Like the ball chair, this seating style will engage your core muscles and strengthen them over time.

What Features Should I Consider for a Desk Chair?

When choosing your office desk chair, you may want to consider:

Maximum daily usage: Some work best for a particular amount of hours to maintain your optimal comfort levels.

Weight capacity: Choosing a chair that supports you is important to helping your posture.

Floor type: While desk chairs can adapt for a variety of environments, you may want to choose one guaranteed to suit the space you’re working in. Some office desk chairs are made for carpeted floors, while others are designed to prevent scuffing on hard floors. Alternatively, you can use an office chair mat to protect your floor.

Can I Buy an Environmentally-Friendly Office Desk Chair?