Office chair safety starts from the selection of gas lift air rod

2022-08-18 13:47:07 admin

Office chair safety starts from the selection of gas lift air rod

Office chairs have been welcomed by consumers because of their convenient movement and free lifting. Nowadays, many families and offices have different choices on the lift rods of office chairs. However, due to the relationship between the principle and material of office chairs, the It has certain hidden dangers. Today, I will introduce the relevant information about the explosion of the office chair lift gas rod, and teach you how to choose a good office chair lift gas rod.

Office chair lift gas rod explosion

Generally speaking, it is mainly caused by the following two situations: First, the wall thickness of the gas spring is uneven or the preload is too high. Second, the frequency is adjusted and rotated high and low, resulting in overheating and explosion.

Under normal circumstances, this kind of office chair lift rod, which is similar to a bicycle pump, is filled with high-purity inert gas nitrogen. When a person sits on a chair, although the nitrogen pressure is increased by the squeeze, it is still within the limit of the air pressure expansion, and no problem will occur. Some low-quality office chair lift gas rods often have problems such as insufficient nitrogen purity and shoddy gas rod material. In the case of high temperature in summer or frequent lifting of the seat, the pressure in the gas rod rises sharply, which can easily cause an explosion. In order to reduce costs, some black manufacturers use free high-pressure air instead of inert gas, which is more likely to cause the office chair lift gas rod to explode. In addition, some consumers' wrong practices when using the air lift chair also pose safety hazards, such as sitting too hard or adjusting the lift handle frequently.

1. Buy products from regular manufacturers. When consumers buy office chairs, they must choose regular products that indicate the manufacturer's information. Don't be greedy to buy Sanwu products cheaply, otherwise not only will the quality not be guaranteed, but also there may be no way to protect your rights in the event of a problem. When purchasing, consumers should pay attention to check whether the product has a certificate of conformity, registered trademark, manufacturer's name and address, etc.

2. Carefully choose office chairs that are too cheap. According to industry insiders, all products sold by regular manufacturers will issue an inspection report; for office chair lifts with a certain risk factor, they are made of steel materials and high-purity gas, and the gas Strictly seal; on the upper end of the air pressure rod, a sign verified by the relevant state departments is also printed, and the manufacturer, the type of office chair lift air rod and the prompt are written in English. Generally, there will be an explosion, and the office chair uses an inferior office chair lift gas rod produced by an informal manufacturer.