Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of office chair steel base, aluminum alloy base, and nylon base

2022-03-11 14:47:00 admin

There are three common materials for office chairs: steel base, aluminum alloy base and nylon base.

1. Steel base: the surface has an electroplating layer to enhance the aesthetics.

Advantages: Strong and strong bearing capacity.

Disadvantages: It is heavier, brittle than aluminum alloy, needs welding, and may rust if the treatment process is not good. If the material is too thin, the load-bearing capacity will be poor.

2. Aluminum alloy base: a metal material that is widely used in computer chairs.

Advantages: lightweight, strong endurance, not easy to deform in high temperature or humid environment.

Disadvantages: more expensive.

3. Nylon base: It belongs to a kind of plastic, which is stronger than ordinary plastics.

Advantages: cheap, lightweight, and strong plasticity, will not scratch the ground.

Disadvantages: easy to wear, shorter life than other materials.

Of course, the same material will also have different load-bearing capacities and service life due to different quality and dosage. The main materials of computer chair legs on the market are aluminum alloy and nylon. Steel is relatively rare. There are also office chairs of the same model, offering two options of aluminum alloy and nylon legs.

Suggestion: If you want a bright texture, aluminum alloy and steel base will be better; if there are children at home who are afraid of being bruised, the nylon base will be better.