Pay attention to these 6 factors and you can choose the office chair that suits you!

2022-03-11 14:46:13 admin

The price of a mesh office chair can be as little as 100 and as much as 10,000, and there are thousands of differences in material, craftsmanship, function and brand. Under the budget you can afford and are willing to afford, we suggest you make an emotional choice from the following 6 aspects.

Element 1: Sitting posture

The important role of a seat is whether it can help the user to adjust to a better sitting posture, because as long as the correct sitting posture is adhered to, the harm to the body can be reduced to a lower level.

It is recommended to choose a chair with a slightly reclined back, preferably a chair that can adjust the height of the chair, the height of the back and the inclination. The height is suitable, the lower limbs are naturally sagging, the feet are flat on the ground, the knee joint is slightly higher than the hip joint, the hips are moved back, the body is slightly tilted back, and quietly lean on the back of the chair, so that the angle between the lower body and the legs is kept at 135 degrees. The sitting position will approximate the natural "S" shape of standing.

Sitting height: The sitting height of the office chair is 450-550mm. Sitting width: generally more than 380mm, armchair not less than 460mm. Sitting depth: Sitting depth 400-440mm. The inclination angle between the seat surface and the backrest: the inclination angle should not be too large, preferably 4-6°, and the overall inclination angle is 95°-100°. Backrest height: generally suitable for the lower edge of the scapula. The waist is provided with a lumbar pad, preferably 250mm. Seat cushion: If a cushion with moderate hardness is added to the seat surface, the contact support area can be increased and the pressure can be evacuated.

Element 2: Cushion

The cost of a good office chair cushion is still high. A good cushion not only needs to be elastic but not soft or hard, but also has a concave curve and has a good sitting feeling. In addition, the cushions of some middle and high-level office chairs have a "memory" function, which will automatically adjust according to the user's sitting posture and the structure of the skeletal muscles of the body, and store this adjusted condition, and this chair becomes your public seat.

Element 3: Backrest

The backrest of the office chair pays attention to the warm feeling and safety. The backrest is not as big as possible, nor is it good with double backrests. The inclination of the backrest should be able to protect the stress points and surfaces of the neck, waist, shoulders, crotch, etc.

Like seat cushions, many mesh office chairs on the market began to use mesh to make backrests, because mesh has superior air permeability and flexibility. The premise of all this is that the quality of the mesh cloth is passed.

Element 4: Conditioning

Everyone's height, weight, leg length, and waist length are different. In order to make the seat reach a comfortable posture, the chair needs to have better conditioning. These adjustments are manifested in that the headrest, backrest, armrest, seat cushion, etc. can be adjusted, and not only the height, but also the inclination can be adjusted.

Of course, the strengthening of the adjustment ability also brings security risks. There are many examples of the height-adjustable air pressure rod of the office chair exploding due to the poor quality, and the impact of the office chair explosion is beyond imagination. Therefore, when we choose an office chair, we must consider safety while adjusting it. The air pressure rod of an inferior office chair may be an invisible bomb.

Element 5: Chassis

The volatility of the chassis is very important for the choice. As we all know, the heavier the chassis, the more stable the chair will sit, or even half-lying. The chassis of good office chairs are made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, while the poor ones are made of engineering plastics.

Element 6: Chair Legs

The four-claw chair legs must be less volatile because of their small area in the air. The landing area of five claws is much larger than that of four claws, including the volatility of the chair. Although the six claws are safer, the disadvantage is that the movement of the feet is inconvenient, and it is easy to hit the feet. Therefore, most chairs in the market are mostly five-claw type.

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