What are the common office chair accessories?

2022-01-18 20:28:45 admin

For office workers who sit in the office every day, office chairs are a familiar office product. We spend eight hours or more in office chairs every day. A good and comfortable office chair will make people who work on it feel less tired. On the contrary, if the office chair is not selected well, it will make people who sit on it feel more tired. People who work on it feel more tired. So do you know what accessories are available for office chairs?

Let's find out:

Office chair accessories 1 - five star base

The five-star leg is a general office swivel chair accessory. The beauty of the five-star leg is that it has strong bearing capacity and high safety performance. The material of the five-star foot is divided into iron, plastic and aluminum alloy.

Office Chair Accessories 2 - Armrests

The armrest is also a universal swivel chair accessory. The design of the armrest of a good swivel chair is also very important. The material of the armrest is also divided into iron, plastic and aluminum alloy.

Office chair accessories 3-gas sping

The gas spring is an indispensable part of the office chair accessories, and the swivel chair generates heat by friction with the air during the rotation. Due to the principle of "heat expansion and cold contraction", the air is compressed to generate power, and the central axis is shot out, which will cause danger. It's best to use a good swivel chair, don't be cheap.

Office chair accessories 4- chassis

The chassis is the support point of the swivel chair and the place where the air bar is linked, which is used to connect the office swivel chair into a whole. Because of this role, it is necessary to grasp the quality control when purchasing.

Office chair accessories 5- casters

Casters are an indispensable part of modern office chairs. They are generally matched with five-star feet and can rotate 360 degrees, which fully provides us with convenience.

Each accessory of the office chair has a specific function, so the quality of the accessories directly determines the quality of the finished chair.