Office Chair Components - Chair Legs

2022-03-12 10:22:00 admin

The chair leg can be divided into nylon plastic foot, electroplating, aluminum alloy polished foot, iron frame foot (bentwood, iron tube foot), and so on.

The shape can be divided into five-star feet, bow feet.

Classified by size: (radius, mm)

Nylon chair feet (mainly nylon + 30% fiber) can be divided into: 270, 280, 300, 320, 350

Aluminum alloy chair legs can be divided into 300, 320, 350

Iron chair feet can be divided into 300, 320, 350

Aluminum alloy chair legs are made through the following steps:

Die Casting Polishing Surface Treatment (Plating, Oxidation, Baking Paint)

Iron pins: iron pipes are bent, welded, or stamped

The iron chair legs can also be painted. The baking paint and electroplating are first subjected to pickling and full treatment to remove impurities on the surface so that the surface pH is balanced, and the pH value reaches 7 (the middle value, high represents acidity, and low represents alkaline); The paint is epoxy resin, generally in liquid and powder; the liquid is applied with electricity (a kind of surface treatment method, similar to electroplating), and the powder is sprayed with powder, and then baked in an oven;

Electroplating feet are more expensive than lacquer feet. Due to the high cost of chrome, the defect rate is high, and it takes a long time. The lacquer feet are easy to fall off the paint, so the chair feet are generally plated.

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