A brief introduction to how to choose a bar stool

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A brief introduction to how to choose a bar stool

There is a bar at home, whether it is for breakfast or a gathering with friends, it is a very good space. Now, more and more people will leave a bar counter when they decorate their homes. However, there are many kinds of bar chairs when buying a bar, which makes people dazzling. So the editor of Youju Furniture will briefly introduce the materials of the bar chairs. How to choose the right bar chairs?

      What are the materials of bar chairs?

      1. The countertops of the bar are generally made of marble, wood, granite, etc., together with metal table legs, to form different styles of bar counters. From the perspective of shape, the bar has a glyph, circle, square, etc. The shape of the bar depends on the nature of the space and the character of the building.

      2. Most of the bar chairs matching the bar are bar chairs with lifting bases, especially the rotating bar chairs, which give people the freedom of the whole head and relax their emotions.

      How to choose a bar chair?

      1. The seat is comfortable and not tired after sitting for a long time

      In addition to maintaining a good body curve, what a bar chair must never forget is to sit comfortably, and to sit comfortably, sitting is of course extremely important, in order to maintain elasticity and not easily deformed, and because muscles support the body It is extremely important to have a good seat cushion, so a good cushion naturally has to give the body proper support, which can reduce fatigue.

      2. The base of the bar chair must be stable

      The bar chair will be higher than the usual chair, and the feet may not all touch the ground, so the base of the bar chair must be stable. Is the focus of choosing a bar chair

      3. Lifting air rod with good performance

      Since the height of the bar is fixed, the performance of the lift bar of the bar chair is also an important factor in choosing a bar chair.

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