Why does hardwood floors use soft chair caster wheels?

2022-05-03 11:05:20 admin

These chair casters for hardwood floors were surface used.Lots of office businesses and house owners are changing carpeting and instead of installing wood floors.

We recommend soft PU or PVC casters wheels to protect your floors.Most recommendations are for a soft rubber caster wheel on hardwood,but a soft polyurethane or PVC caster wheel can also be used on hardwood floors or tile floors. Most of the office chairs are designed as twin wheel nylon casters by manufacture,This type of caster specifically the plastic nylon wheel which can be used on carpeting but it will mark and scratch all wood floors. It happens because the nylon wheels don’t roll, they slide. When they slide, they mark or scratch the floor. Our selection of hard wood chair casters is the ideal solution for this problem. The soft rubber wheels on our chair casters for hardwood floors will not mark or scratch the floors.Casters with soft rubber wheels provide the best floor protection for hard wood floors.Vione office chair and parts or components factory