Talking about team building of office furniture

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I have two understandings of a team’s thinking: one is the team’s thinking, and the other is the team’s culture. The reason for thinking this way is as follows: thinking, thinking, thinking, understanding, the dissemination of ideas, the dissemination of ideas, whether Let the team accept? The unity of a team's thinking will have a profound meaning on whether the team can go a long way. The unity of thinking here does not mean the unity of ideas, or the unity of what has been learned and done, but the unity of common goals and concepts. Everyone's understanding of team and team thinking may be different, but for me, a concept that has always existed is that I am not perfect. A friend asked me, you know so many people, you can receive a lot of personal work outside, and you have many friends to help you, why don't you set up your own team and your own company? Perhaps the establishment of a company team is just a sentence, but after the establishment, what can bring this group of people together, what is needed to make them get along in harmony, and how can this team go further? This requires a sound team thinking. How to make a team go further requires that everyone in the team treats what they do as their own, earnestly completes their own things, moves forward together in one direction, complements each other, and A strong group can only be formed if they can work together to form a group. Let’s talk about team culture again. Team culture is a subconscious culture formed by team members in the process of mutual cooperation, in order to realize their respective life values and achieve the common goals of the team. Cultivating this culture is a long-term process. When this culture penetrates into the hearts of everyone in the team, it means that the team has truly begun to mature. It is difficult for an enterprise team without its own culture to have long-term development. Evaluate objectively, explain objectively, do things objectively, and do not make assumptions about things subjectively. Be yourself, don't put your hopes on others, and don't put your own problems on others' heads. All in all, we must cooperate, communicate, help, be objective, and share in order to form a combat-effective team.

Office furniture generally includes: tea cabinets, sofas, seminar tables, leisure chairs, sofa stools, conference tables, filing cabinets, wardrobes, coffee tables, class chairs, boss chairs, desks, conference chairs, etc. The more common products are: tea cabinets, sofas, seminar tables, leisure chairs, sofa stools, conference tables, filing cabinets, etc.


The material of the tea cabinet: The material of the tea cabinet generally includes: ceramic, tempered, alloy, tempered glass, plate type, melamine, wood-based panel, glass, plate, cold-rolled steel, wood, steel wood, solid wood, aluminum alloy, fiber, fiberboard, wood etc.


The material of the sofa: The material of the sofa generally includes: velvet, wood, cloth, sponge, wood, steel, leather, solid wood, spring, leather, latex, wood, wood, fabric, etc.

seminar table

The material of the seminar table: The material of the seminar table generally includes: high density board, composite board, tempered, pure solid wood, alloy, log, melamine board, tempered glass, veneer, panel type, solid wood veneer, stainless steel, glass, plywood, wood , paint, solid wood, aluminum alloy, fireproof board, etc.

lounge chair

The material of the leisure chair: The material of the leisure chair generally includes: soft bag, mesh, leather, pine, iron, cloth, alloy, nylon, hemp, sponge, PP, ABS, cotton, steel, leather, solid wood, aluminum alloy, spring , PU, cowhide, resin, fabric, etc.

sofa stool

The material of the sofa stool: The material of the sofa stool generally includes: soft bag, leather, cloth, pine, cloth, flannel, beech, solid wood, hemp, steel, wood, sponge, high elastic sponge, PP, plastic, leather, solid wood , ash, spring, PU, wood, fabric, etc.

meeting table

Material of conference table: The material of conference table generally includes: MDF, wood, paint, high-density board, tempered, steel-wood, steel, melamine board, solid wood, panel, tempered glass, wood, steel, glass, etc.

File cabinets

The material of the filing cabinet: The material of the filing cabinet generally includes: wood, paint, MDF, teak, alloy, walnut, melamine board, log, aluminum alloy, panel, fireproof board, wood, glass, etc.

The chair foot can be divided into nylon plastic foot, electroplating, aluminum alloy polished foot, iron frame foot (bent wood, iron tube foot) and so on.

From the shape can be divided into: five-star feet, bow feet.

Classified by size: (radius, mm)

Nylon chair feet (mainly nylon + 30% fiber) can be divided into: 270, 280, 300, 320, 350

Aluminum alloy chair legs can be divided into: 300, 320, 350

Iron chair feet can be divided into: 300, 320, 350

Aluminum alloy chair legs are made through the following steps:

Die Casting Polishing Surface Treatment (Plating, Oxidation, Baking Paint)

Iron pins: iron pipes are bent, welded or stamped

The iron chair legs can also be painted. The baking paint and electroplating are first subjected to pickling and full treatment to remove impurities on the surface, so that the surface pH is balanced, and the pH value reaches 7 (the middle value, high represents acidity, and low represents alkaline); The paint is epoxy resin, generally in liquid and powder; the liquid is applied with electricity (a kind of surface treatment method, similar to electroplating), and the powder is sprayed with powder, and then baked in an oven;

Electroplating feet are more expensive than lacquer feet. Due to the high cost of chrome, the defect rate is high, and it takes a long time. The lacquer feet are easy to fall off the paint, so the chair feet are generally plated.

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