TFS Furniture hardware accessories impact the high-end market

2022-04-25 17:54:53 admin

Furniture hardware accessories play a decisive role in the matching and function of furniture. The design and manufacturing capabilities of furniture hardware accessories directly affect the overall manufacturing level of the furniture industry. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that furniture hardware accessories are the overall soul of furniture. The importance of furniture hardware accessories in the home is obvious, but now the domestic high-end furniture hardware market and brand market are mostly occupied by imported hardware companies. There are only a handful of well-known furniture hardware enterprises in China.

As most furniture hardware accessories enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of sufficient capital and technical strength, product design and technological content cannot be improved, plagiarism and accepting orders from overseas enterprises have become the only choice for most enterprises to survive. This will inevitably lead to the absence of domestic furniture hardware accessories in the high-end market. A hardware manufacturer who has been doing OEM for a long time believes that many domestic enterprises are very good in product quality due to long-term export to foreign countries or OEM for foreign capital. The most important thing is to change the previous practice of emphasizing production and ignoring brand, and strengthen the brand management ability and corporate image strategic awareness of the enterprise, so as to obtain the due market position.

Functionalization and intelligence are a major development trend of furniture hardware accessories. Nowadays, the lazy lifestyle that people hope for requires hardware to be more and more functional and intelligent. This is starting to emerge in functional sofas, massage sofas and cabinets. In the field of functional sofas, TFS Furniture, the leading manufacturer of functional sofas in China, through the introduction of German technology, has now realized the adjustment of the angle of the backrest and other components according to the requirements of the user's sitting and sleeping posture, so as to make people the most comfortable. sofa function shelf in sitting and lying state.

Furniture hardware accessories emphasize their mechanical properties, rust resistance, moisture resistance, and fatigue properties of moving parts. Today, as home improvement increasingly requires individualization and integrity, furniture hardware accessories must not only meet the above functions, but also have eye-catching decoration and integrity with the overall home decoration style.

However, low-price competition, imitation, and OEM production are only limited to a certain historical stage. With the development of the industry and the upgrading of competition, improving the technical content of products, owning independent patents and designs, and focusing on brand building and marketing are the long-term goals of the company. The best choice for development. At present, domestic furniture and hardware accessories companies such as TFS have entered the international market, and the corporate brand value has been recognized by international furniture companies. way to go. Only by deepening the brand strategy of the famous family can we occupy a place in the future high-end furniture accessories market.