Office chair manufacturers-how high is the office chair suitable?

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For office workers, a chair is like a second bed on which to work most of the time. But do you know how high is the right seat for you? A recent Weibo said that according to the latest results of the American Massage Therapy Association survey, the highest point of the chair seat is just below the kneecap, which is the most suitable height. Is this somewhat cloudy statement reliable? What is the best height for an office chair?

  how high is your seat

  Today, office chairs that can be adjusted in height have become the choice of many people. But what is the most suitable height? , "I'm tall, my legs are long, and the chair is short and uncomfortable", "I'm short, and sitting on a high chair is too awkward", "I just like to 'nest' in a chair", for these reasons, many netizens called out High and low "personalized" office chair heights. Fixed-height seats are in the minority; lift chairs that adjust themselves come in a variety of heights.

  Is this claim plausible?

  Is it reasonable to say that the highest point of the chair seat is just below the kneecap? Experts say that the statement that "the highest point of the chair is below the kneecap" is quite plausible. And, for those fixed desks and chairs, there are ways to deal with them - the most suitable seat height is "two verticals": the thighs and calves are vertical, and the spine and hips are vertical. If the seat is low, you can pad something on the seat so that your thighs and calves form a right angle. If the seat is high, you can put something under your feet to ensure two right angles. What should I do if the height of the desk cannot be adjusted? Then use the book "bottom" to change the height of the computer screen.

  What happens if the chair is too high or too low

  Office chairs that are too high or too low are the most vulnerable to knee injuries. The chair is too high, and the legs are in a "suspended" state. Due to the influence of gravity, the knee joint is also in a state of suspension, which is prone to chronic strain diseases, such as ligament inflammation. If the chair is too short, the legs will straighten forward unconsciously, and then the problem of knee joint fatigue will occur. Over time, the "sequelae" will be cartilage lesions.

  TFS Micro Tips

  If you want to sit comfortably, add a cushion to your waist

  Orthopedic experts remind that it is very important to put a cushion on the waist of the office chair to protect the lumbar spine. If the seat height is not suitable, it will accelerate the lumbar spine disease, but if you can add a cushion, the damage to the lumbar spine will be greatly reduced.

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