Office chair accessories five star feet is essential

2022-07-30 16:17:12 admin

"A person's life is about 40 years of work, 230 days a year, 8 hours a day, and the total time spent sitting in an office chair can reach 75,000 hours." Office chairs have always been a commonly used work furniture product for our working family. , it is generally allocated and used with the work desk, and now I will share the five-star base of the office chair base. Let's see why the office chair we usually sit on is so comfortable, is it indispensable?

First of all, let's introduce the main categories of office swivel chairs: executive chairs, middle-class chairs, and small-class chairs.

office chair

①Executive chair: It is composed of seven parts: functional chassis, high backrest, armrest, gas bar, five-star feet, casters, and soft seat cushion.

office chair parts five star feet

②Middle office chair: It consists of six parts: functional chassis, low backrest, soft seat cushion, five-star feet, armrests, gas bars and casters.

office chair parts white castor

③Small class chair: It is mainly composed of five-star feet, low backrest, soft seat cushion, functional chassis, air rod and casters.

office chair parts mechanism

From the above data classification, it can be seen that the five-star foot is indispensable in the office swivel chair, and the iron lifting base pays special attention to its bearing capacity. It is required that the feet of the five-claw chair should bear heavy weight and pressure.