The caster manufacturer tells you why the chair is often broken first by the caster?

2022-05-16 14:44:25 admin

I believe that many small partners who work in the office work for a long time, so does the editor~ So at this time, it is best to have a comfortable and durable office chair, but when we use the chair, the chair is not broken. The caster of the chair is broken first, so why is this happening?

In fact, it happens that the chair is not broken, but the caster of the chair is broken first. The main reason is that the skeleton of the office chair is made of metal, leather and aluminum alloy base. The weight of the chair itself is too heavy. The casters could not bear the weight, and eventually the chair casters broke down first.

Therefore, the casters of office chairs recommended by TFS Furniture have passed the formal test, so that the quality of the casters will be guaranteed. 52 kilometers, the bracket must have enough strength to support the entire chair and the weight of the human body. The casters are the safety point of the chair, so it is very important to purchase formal test and high-quality casters to match the office chair.

Finally, TFS reminds everyone that when buying casters, there is one more thing to pay attention to is that the best way is that the casters should be in a straight line with the axle. The choice of the caster is also very important. If you want to buy high-quality and guaranteed casters, TFS Casters is your good choice!

Vione office chair and parts or components factory

Vione office chair and parts or components factory

Vione office chair and parts or components factory

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