More details of gaming chair overview

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More details of gaming chair overview

E-sports refers to sports events that use electronic games to compete. Electronic devices, as sports equipment, compete with each other in intelligence and reflexes. On December 16, 2020, at the 39th Asian Olympic Committee General Assembly, e-sports was officially approved to be included in the Hangzhou Asian Games game competition program.

A good esports player who leads the sport to champions. High-quality gaming chairs for players are also becoming increasingly important in esports. How to choose the right gaming chair? Here are some details about the TFS Swivel Chair.

Gaming chair swivel chair metal base

The metal base of the swivel chair is one of the important components of the gaming chair, which is different from ordinary computer chair legs or office chair legs. Gaming chair legs require more freedom of movement, safety and sturdiness, rich metal texture and modern atmosphere, and another important point is bright colors, which usually require mixing with the seat part. Gaming chair manufacturers usually use the classic red and black car elements of Formula One, and integrate the concept of black and white plaid to perfectly interpret the spirit of F1.

Gaming chair paint spraying technology

What are the advantages of paint and spray technology?

1. Baking paint

Baking paint spraying technology is a common surface technology for computer chair legs. Due to the low friction coefficient of baking paint, its friction coefficient will change when sliding, but its value is only between 0.05-0.15. In addition, the paint also has moisture-proof performance, its surface will not be stained with water and oil, and it is not easy to contact the solution during the production process. work efficiency.

2. Spraying

A thicker coating can be obtained by one coating. For example, a coating of 100-300 μm can be used with a general solvent-based coating for about 4-6 times, and a powder coating can be used once to achieve the thickness. The coating has good corrosion resistance. Powder coating is solvent-free and free of waste liquid contamination.

In the future, gaming chair legs will become more and more popular as a type of metal base for swivel chairs. It will likely catch up with computer chair legs or office chair legs in sales. However, the right one is the best, please make a reasonable choice according to your own needs.