Knee tilt Mechanism

2022-05-05 09:37:24 admin

Knee tilt Mechanism

The knee-tilt mechanism is a ‘one-up’ from the Swivel & Tilt mechanism and is usually used in your mid-level office chairs or Managerial and Executive Office Chairs.

This mechanism will have the basic functionality of adjusting your seat height upwards or downwards. Similar to the Swivel and Tilt mechanism, you are also able to tilt or recline your seat backwards when applying weight to the backrest.

The mechanism will have a 1 position lock allowing you to lock the chair in its normal position, thus prohibiting a rear tilt movement. It also comes with a tension adjuster enabling you to adjust the tension of your recline motion, making it slightly easier (or harder) to tilt backwards.

The point of difference with a Knee-tilt mechanism is that the point of recline is now moved from the centre, to just behind the knees. The weight therefore shifts from in front of the legs, to behind the legs. This means that you are able to tilt backwards using less effort, and more importantly, that your feet and knees will not lift off the floor when tilting. Consequently the Knee-tilt mechanism will create a more comfortable and effortless seating experience for the user.