Essential Information about Office Chair Base that Shouldn't be Missed

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For a worker or a user of an ergonomic office chair to get the perfect comfort and productivity he/she so dearly needs, the base must be perfect. Just as the backrest armrest and seat adjuster are important, so is the office chair base. Sometimes people do tend to overlook this aspect of an office chair and they have regretted it. Such people have learned the importance of the office chair base.

An office chair without a good base can lead to problems for the user. It can cause the user of such a chair to have accidents when trying to move with the chair. Also, if the base isn’t strong enough it is most likely going to break and then cause the user to fall.

In order to escape being a student of harsh experiences such as the ones given read this blog post to the end. Because it will cover key information about office chair base and their various types according to each of their physical features and functionality.

Materials that can be used for an Office Chair Base

This vital part of the office chairs comes in several varieties. Over here, their varieties will be based on finishing or materials used. There are several office chair base finishing/materials used for making a strong and comfortable office chair. They include:

•    Plastic

•    Aluminum

•    Steel

•    Wood


These are bases made of polypropylene. They are not reliable bases because they can easily be damaged in such a way it can end up injuring the user. For instance, the casters of the plastic chairs are known to easily snap off. Sometimes even a part of the chair’s base could break off if there is a lot of stress caused by the user’s weight.

An office chair base with this material is found in an average office chair meant to be for averaged sized people. Even for the average-sized people, some office chairs with polypropylene bases tend to easily wear and tear.

Although, there are some office e chairs with strong plastic bases. The strength comes from the strut that was put in the chair during the molding. Such chairs with plastic bases like this tend to be a lot pricey. After all, high-quality does not come cheap.


Office chair bases with this finishing are the most demanded in the market. And it is due to two features that ensure its quality, which include versatility and durability. These two are enough reasons to rate the finishing on a high.

In terms of versatility, more people with an acceptable weight range from small to mildly large people can use such a chair with this type of base finishing.

In terms of durability, this is another feature that rates the finishing to a high standard. Unlike the polypropylene base, the aluminum base can withstand large weights. And these large weights are the cause of wear and tear on the office chair base. Also, the base comes painted or anodized for lasting long.

In addition to the features, the aluminum base is light in weight, which will make the chair almost as portable as the polypropylene base. And the aluminum material shows that the office chair base’s fabrication process is quite easy, so production time is short.

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Office chairs with a steel base are built for people of larger sizes. The material used is chosen specifically to tackle the problem experienced by large-sized people and that is by providing good support. The use of an office chair with a steel base is the plan only if the aluminum base isn’t strong enough.

Unlike the aluminum office chair base, the ones with a steel base are much heavier. Luckily heaviness is a complement of strength. This means there is less likeliness of an accident happening due to the breaking of the casters or a part of the base.     

The process of production for this kind of base is not as easy as aluminum or plastic. If you are familiar with the process of melting and forming steel products you will understand it is hard. Office chairs with steel bases tend to be pricey. Its price is based heavily on the quality of the chair which is high.

Chairs like executive chairs are usually with a steel base. Sometimes they are painted or chromed for style and to prevent the appearance of marks.


Wood alone is not used to make chair bases. It is more like wood casting fitted over a steel core. This chair base is the perfect one if strength, durability, and style are the requirements. The steel core covers the strength and durability part by providing strong and dependable support for the user.

The wooden fit over the steel core covers the style of the chair. The wooden exterior of the chair’s base with other wooden designs on the office chair will give it a more interesting style and will add a little style to the office.

The wooden office chair base cannot withstand scratches from the office chair base. It is advisable to prevent it from being scratched.