Do all office chairs have the same base?

2022-08-10 09:14:39 admin

Do all office chairs have the same base?

No, not all office chairs have the same base. For clarification, we're talking about office chairs that have and don't have wheels.

As we've said, office chair bases vary in the material used, size of the base, and whether or not they have wheels. Obviously, those with wheels will need an axel, while those without can have their legs directly attached to the seat or frame of the chair.

Let’s talk about these variations more.

Materials Used

Several materials can be used in creating an office chair base – aluminum, plastic, and steel.

Plastic is one of the most popular, but it can be the most brittle among all other materials. It can easily break when a lot of pressure is applied to it.Add to that that, over time, plastic becomes even more brittle. So if you’re planning to buy a plastic base, make sure that you’re of average weight and you replace them after 2-3 years.

Plastic chair base

As for steel and aluminum, they’re the best materials you can have for the base. These two materials are made for heavy-duty use.

steel chair base

Both steel and aluminum are also known for their durability. While they’re generally lightweight, they’re not easily broken even after a long time.

aluminum chair base

Size of the Base

The size of the base is based on the full length of a leg multiplied by two, plus the diameter of the circle where the axle is placed.

This method of measuring the base will help you identify what size of the base is ideal for you. In general, office chair bases range from 24-28 inches.

Wheeled or Non-Wheeled

Office chairs can also be designed without wheels. If this is the type of office chair you have, you’ll notice that there is no base found in the bottom save for the actual legs of the chair.

The legs of the chair will be directly attached to the seat foundation. Some are already part of the whole chair’s structure, but some can be attached to the chair during assembly.

If your chair has casters, then that’s where you see a base that has 5 poles poking out from the middle. This base type is where you attach the axle (in the middle) and the casters (at the end of every leg).

How do I know which base will fit my office chair?

Chairs will already have the base included as part of the whole chair assembly. But if you want to replace the base, here are a few things to consider.

Base Preference

Do you want an office chair with wheels or with no wheels? This is one of the first questions you have to ask even before deciding what materials or base size you want.

Most office chairs you’ll see have wheels and the primary reason for that is increased productivity.

Wheels make it easy to move around, especially when you have a lot of space in your office. You don’t need to stand; all you need is to roll your chair towards the coffee station or the printer, and you save a lot of time and effort.

But office chairs with wheels also have their disadvantages. Since you don’t need to stand, you’re most likely going to end up glued to your chair and this will put a lot of strain on your back muscles.

This is also the main advantage of an office chair without wheels. Since there’s a lack of mobility in these chairs, you have no choice but to get up, stretch your legs, and walk.