Aluminum alloy metal base to create textured furniture

2022-07-25 09:35:24 admin

Aluminum alloy metal base to create textured furniture

There are many applications of metal in furniture, because it has strong plasticity, and details such as fineness, grinding or polishing of industrial technology have become an important point in furniture design. Today, we bring the aluminum alloy metal base with simple design of TFS Furniture. Although it is only a furniture accessory, it can increase the flexibility of furniture personalization.

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The color is lively and stylish, suitable for use as an office chair at home. The aluminum alloy metal base is flexible and changeable, and the corresponding size of the aluminum alloy metal base can be selected to be combined with the furniture. There are many forms of matching furniture: the more common ones are small round tables and office swivel chairs.

Or a casual single sofa placed in the living room, the metal base makes the whole piece of furniture no longer boring.

The design sense of furniture color and material gives the furniture the soul, embellishing wonderful things for our simple life; the temperament displayed by good things also shows our attitude towards the quality of life.