Aluminum alloy die casting for office chair base

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Aluminum alloy die casting for office chair base

The chair base is an important part of assembling an office chair. In addition to the seat, there are other key elements such as the back, arms, seat, etc.

In the market, it is common to see chair bases of different materials and different finishes. A common office chair base is the star swivel base, usually made of metal. The choice of chair base mainly depends on the user's needs and usage.

Material: Die-cast aluminum

Die cast aluminum is generally popular for its good quality, strength and weightlessness. Due to these advantages of cast aluminum, it has a wide range of applications. The base of the office chair is made of cast aluminum with anti-tip properties for maximum support and comfort.

Of course, there are also office chair bases produced in cast stainless steel. They are also sturdy and durable. However, due to the higher cost of cast stainless steel, the price of cast stainless steel chair legs is also higher. Therefore, cast aluminum office chair bases are more cost-effective.

Die Casting: The Correct Casting Method for Making Aluminum Office Chair Bases

Die casting is the correct casting method for making aluminum office chair bases. Before understanding the die casting process of aluminum office chair base, you should know what is die casting? Die casting is one of the main casting methods, mainly used to customize complex shapes of light metals such as aluminum alloys, zinc alloys, etc. Therefore, for aluminum alloy office chair bases, die casting is the way to go.

The basic die casting process for the base of an aluminum office chair includes:

1. Prepare the mold

Since die casting is an OEM service, mold preparation is the first step before starting the die casting process. After the mold is made, TFS Aluminum Foundry applies a lubricant to the inside walls of the mold, which will make the removal of the cast aluminum office chair base easier.

2. Injection

After the mold is mounted on the die casting machine, molten aluminum alloy is injected into the mold under high pressure. Make sure the mold is fully closed and sealed during this step. The controlled pressure during die casting is maintained until the molten aluminum alloy has completely cooled and solidified.

3. Cavity injection

When the molten material solidifies, a solid aluminium chair base is formed. Our workers will pop the newly made chair base from the mold. It's worth mentioning that the chair base has to be sturdy to pop out. If the aluminum is still liquid, the aluminum foundry must wait for it to cool before ejecting the seat from the mold.

4. Concussion

The final step in the die-cast aluminum office chair base is blanking. During this step, workers will separate all scrap metal from the chair base blank. At this point, the base of the mesh office chair is formed, and the die-casting process is completed.

Choose TFS Furniture Accessories for Your Cast Aluminum Office Chair Base Project

Looking for a good aluminum casting manufacturer for your office chair base project? TFS furniture accessories are second to none! Our foundry's aluminium casting process is an efficient, economical process that offers a wider range of shapes and components. Our customers enjoy many advantages and benefits by ordering our casting service for your specific aluminum office chair base component.

High Speed Production - Aluminum die casting provides tighter tolerances for aluminum office chair bases than many other mass production processes. Without machining, the mold can be cast into 10,000 pieces.

DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY AND STABILITY - Aluminum office chair bases cast by TFS Furniture are durable and dimensionally stable while maintaining tight tolerances.

Strength and Weight - Die-cast aluminum office chair bases are stronger than other manufacturing processes and lighter than stainless steel. Therefore, the quality of the cast aluminum chair seat produced by our company is guaranteed, and there is no quality problem.

Questions about the cast aluminum office chair base project? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We will provide a complete solution with good service!