Office Furniture Brands

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1. Herman Miller

Herman Miller was a West Michigan businessman who helped his son-in-law, D.J. De Pree, buy the Michigan Star Furniture Company in 1923. De Pree has been with the company, which opened in 1905, since being hired as a store clerk in 1909. Knowing that his father-in-law was honest and honest, De Pree decided to rename the company after his father-in-law.

By the mid-20th century, Herman Miller had become synonymous with "modern" furniture. The company has partnered with legendary designers George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames to create furniture that has become an industrial design classic.

The Herman Miller Company evolved from a company producing traditional furniture to become the center of modern furniture design and production in the United States. Herman Miller is one of the leading furniture and interior design firms in the United States. The core product of their family is the ergonomic chair. Although it is expensive, with a price of nearly 10,000 yuan, it is still widely sought after. It is called the Hermes of the chair industry, and has won the title of "the most comfortable office seat in the world for nearly 20 years." chair". The U.S. Department of Defense, Citibank, Microsoft, and many other large companies have adopted their office chairs, and some companies even use Herman Miller chairs as publicity in their job advertisements.

The most famous series in Herman Miller products are Embody and Aeron. Aeron is arguably the king of office chairs, having been featured in Time magazine and named by CNN as one of the 12 greatest iconic industrial design products of the past 100 years. Aeron can be adjusted at any time for the various sitting postures of office workers every day. The suspended design and convenient adjustment control can enable people to obtain balanced body support.

The peculiarity of the Aeron seat is the butterfly-shaped support structure on the back and the high-elasticity back mesh surface. It can fully support the weight of the whole person lying on the back, and the support is sufficient but not too hard. It is very easy to lie on it. Comfortable, there will be a feeling of someone pushing you behind your ass.

In 2006, Harman Miller invited more than 20 doctors and doctors from the fields of biomechanics, vision, physiotherapy and ergonomics to polish the Embody chair. Compared with the Aeron chair, the Embody is more adjustable, and it is in On the basis of comfort, the shape is more technological, and the inspiration behind the keel design comes from the human spine.

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2. Steelcase

Steelcase was born and established in Michigan, USA in 1912. It is a company that has been established for hundreds of years and is also a leader in the global office industry. In 1914, Steelcase received its first patent for the creation of the first metal waste paper drum. It successfully solved the flammable drawbacks of traditional straw-woven paper baskets and was an important innovative product at that time. After that, the metal writing desk was launched, which started the road of product and service innovation.

Steelcase is slightly less expensive on seats than Harman Miller. The more famous series are Leap, Think, and Gesture.

The Leap is Steelcase's traditional classic model, priced between the Gesture and the Think. To this day, it is still very popular.

Think is the most widely used model in various companies. It has very good support for the hips and waist. It is said that when you just sit down, you can feel an unprecedented cushioning feeling, which is very comfortable.

Let's B series is a product of Steelcase positioned in the SME market. The price is in the range of 1000-2000 yuan. Large companies like to use it as an office chair in a conference room.

3. Haworth

Headquartered in Michigan, USA, Haworth is a well-known high-end office furniture brand, mainly producing office chairs, desk systems and filing cabinets.

Whether it's a seat, dual monitor arms, a tray for an adjustable keyboard, or a footrest, Hworth maximizes user comfort through a more ergonomic design. Their most well-known product is the Zody line of ergonomic chairs.

The unique asymmetrical lumbar support adjustment of the Zody series ergonomic chair allows the user's back to be stressed and automatically adjusts the support on both sides of the lower back, and its forward and backward locking, as well as the tightness of the seat back's back. Different adjustments can be made according to personal preference.


The family business has been inherited for 124 years. The Itoki Group Corporation of Japan was established in 1890 and has been inherited for 124 years. Created many classic products in the office field, Zeniaiki cash register, free combination office chair, electronically controlled deposit box, spina ergonomic chair and so on.

In China, everyone is most familiar with the classic office chair Spina series. No matter what posture the user changes, the Spina chair can automatically respond, supporting the waist and pelvis tightly, providing comfortable support. The pressure on the seat surface is more evenly distributed than ordinary office chairs. Spina also performs well at the same temperature. heat dissipation.


Having said so many foreign brands, let’s talk about our leading domestic office furniture brands. AURORA was founded in Taiwan in 1965 and is a well-known trademark in China. It aims to create a beautiful office environment and has accumulated more than 50 years of practical experience. The most famous product is the multi-function printer. Office furniture, 3D printing, electronics, smart equipment, etc. The Aurora Tower, which is now located by the Huangpu River, is a landmark building that forms the skyline of the Bund. It turns into a giant LED curtain wall at night, and slogans such as "I love Shanghai" often appear.

6. Lamex

Since its establishment in 1977, it has developed into one of the largest furniture manufacturers in China, acting as an agent for famous brands around the world, and also developing and designing its own brands. The production and sales of furniture include: modern desks, computer desk series, desk series, office chairs series, screen partition staff table series and many other series.

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