Are All Chair Bases Universal?

2022-09-26 10:59:16 admin

Are All Chair Bases Universal?

Knowing the rule of the thumb to replace chair bases, you might wonder if there are differences between their kinds. Can you grab anything from the store and put it on your office chair without hassles?

The quick answer is yes. Office chair bases don’t differ with their attachment sizes. These chair bases only differ with the materials they are made of, finishing processes, and your preference.

Office chair bases can either be made with wood, plastic, aluminum, or metal. Some can have wheels, while some may not.

The weight that chair bases can hold depends on the material they are made of. Plastic ones are not advisable to carry a large mass while steel can.

Likely, chair bases that don’t have wheels can increase productivity, while those with can increase mobility. Having a deep insight into the different kinds of chair bases can help you decide what to prioritize.