5 Quick And Easy Steps On How To Remove Office Chair Base

2022-09-26 10:51:24 admin

5 Quick And Easy Steps On How To Remove Office Chair Base

Office chairs spent a lot of time in their places, leading to their base wearing out. Do you know how to remove office chair base?

Replacing an office chair base from time to time is essential to keep your office work more manageable. It’s irritating to work while dealing with a broken office chair base.

Looking from a particular perspective, one might wonder that removing an office chair base will be a handful. Good news for you! The task is actually straightforward.

This article tackles specific steps on how you can successfully remove your office chair base. No need to worry about breaking it!

Steps In Separating An Office Chair Base

Dismantling your office chair comes from different reasons. It can range from relocating your office or simply replacing an old one.

Whatever the reason is, we got you covered. Here are steps that you can follow in removing your office chair base:

Step #1. Protect your working area

Before going on the procedure, you need to prepare your workplace. Do this by choosing a place where you’re comfortable enough. Place a cloth or newspaper below the chair.

Gas cylinders inside office chairs can release oils due to lubrication. Putting these objects prevents grease from reaching your floor.

Step #2. Turn it upside-down

Lay the chair on the floor or sit wherever you’re comfortable. Reverse the chair and face the base of the chair. Make sure you can clearly see and access the center of the chair base.

Step #3. Find holding clip

Search for the holding clip in the center of the base. Use a screwdriver or pliers in removing it. After this, bend the clip slightly to open and let it come off from the piston.

Step #4. Remove washer

The washer looks like a tiny car tire. Remove this by simply letting it slide off the piston.

Step #5. Disassemble the base

Now that you remove the securing screws, you can freely remove the base. Pull it simultaneously in an alternate counter-clockwise motion. The base should come off with the gas cylinder inside.

You have successfully removed the base at this point. Install a new one by reversing the procedure.