There are many hidden dangers in the safety of office chairs, how to protect rights in case of injury

2022-09-23 19:44:46 admin

There are many hidden dangers in the safety of office chairs, how to protect rights in case of injury

do you know? About one-third of a person's life is spent in a sitting state, most of which may feel indifferent, but if the chair you are sitting on may be a time bomb, can you still be so relaxed ? According to the latest state supervision and spot check results of office chairs released by the State Administration for Market Regulation recently, the results show that the quality of such products is not optimistic. Among the 90 batches of products from 90 enterprises in 11 provinces and cities, 21 batches of products were unqualified, and the batch unqualified discovery rate was 23.3%. Unqualified items involve items such as flame retardancy, reciprocating wear of casters, safety, and formaldehyde emission, among which there are relatively many quality problems in office swivel chairs.

Inferior air pressure rods can cause explosions if serious

The air bar will be used frequently during use. If the safety is not up to standard, it will not only affect the service life of the chair, but may even cause an explosion. In 2017, a netizen in Anhui posted a report that a colleague's office chair also exploded. The base of the chair and the surface of the chair have been separated and broken into two pieces, and the main computer box next to it has also been affected and blown up.

Thin tube wall, poor strength, swivel chair star foot will break

Some office chairs have broken bases during testing. According to the inspection personnel, the five-star foot is an important part of the swivel chair, which plays the role of carrying the weight of the human body. If, in order to save costs, the metal five-star feet make the tube wall thinner, or use the less-strength five-star feet, it may break during daily use, which may cause the user to fall.

Office chair formaldehyde exceeding the standard  can seriously cause cancer

According to reports, long-term exposure to an environment with excessive formaldehyde emission will have a certain impact on the human respiratory tract, and even cause cancer.

Unqualified flame retardancy of office chairs contributes to flame burning

If the flame retardant performance of the office chair is unqualified, when a fire occurs, not only will it fail to prevent the spread of the fire, but on the contrary, it will encourage the flame to burn, which may cause serious casualties.

Seeing this, many friends may ask, how should we deal with this kind of product damage problem? According to Article 11 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, consumers who suffer personal or property damage due to purchasing or using commodities or receiving services have the right to obtain compensation according to law. Article 40: If consumers or other victims cause personal or property damage due to commodity defects, they may claim compensation from the seller or from the producer. If it is the responsibility of the producer, the seller has the right to claim compensation from the producer after making compensation. If it is the responsibility of the seller, the producer has the right to claim compensation from the seller after making compensation.

Finally, although the office chair is small, the potential safety hazards cannot be underestimated. You must not buy the three-free office chair casually because of the cheapness, so as to avoid the possibility of claiming after the problem occurs. Of course, everyone should also pay attention to the correct use method, such as do not adjust and rotate the office chair frequently, do not disassemble the office chair at will, especially the gas spring parts, regularly check and maintain the office chair and so on.