Choose an office chair that is far away from sub-health

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Choose an office chair that is far away from sub-health

In office furniture, office chairs are very important, because office workers have to sit on office chairs almost all day long, and their importance is basically the same as network and smart devices for modern people, so don't underestimate the office. The role of the chair. A comfortable office chair can help employees improve work efficiency to a large extent. At the same time, it can also adjust the sitting posture, promote blood circulation, reduce the pressure on all aspects of the body, slow down the tension, and keep people away from sub-health.

Office chairs are so important to us, but when most people buy office chairs, they pay attention to the price and whether they look good, but they don't care about some quality and details, or they are not very clear, because office chairs There are various shapes, appearances and materials. Obviously, it is impossible for us to fully understand the various elements and their pros and cons when purchasing. So, in addition to the intuitive factors such as appearance, style and price, how to choose a suitable office chair, and how to choose a healthy office chair?

1. Smell identification

In the current office furniture market, various materials are mixed, many businesses use substandard materials to produce and make office chairs, and consumers are usually "outsiders", so in order to avoid picking fake and inferior substandard products as much as possible, it is recommended to When choosing, first smell the smell of the office chair. If the smell is pungent, it means that the formaldehyde content in the adhesive is too high, which is harmful to the human body. It is not recommended to buy it.

2. Sitting experience

Office chairs are very practical and appear in various office spaces. The main function is to facilitate office work, so comfort is the main criterion for measuring the quality of an office chair. Under normal circumstances, when facing an office chair, it is recommended that the buyer should sit on it and experience it first, feel whether the structural design is reasonable, and adjust all the adjustable parts to see whether the acceptance and inclusiveness of the chair are comfortable.

3. Seat fabric

Generally speaking, the seat surface of office chairs is mostly composed of fabric or leather. You can directly try the feel when purchasing. There are many kinds of leather fabrics. No matter what kind of leather it is, it must have clear lines, bright color and bright color. It depends on the actual demand, and the leather and velvet of the office chair also have thicknesses, which can generally be felt.

4. Seat frame

The frame of the seat is an important part of the office chair, and the bracket should be strong enough. Check the material, gently shake it from left to right, back and forth, check its bearing capacity and toughness, and pay attention to the stability of the backrest. In addition, test whether the overall arc of the backrest and seat fits most of the curves of the human body to determine whether the seat has the function of dispersing the pressure on the lower back and relieving back fatigue.

5. Seat height from the ground

This is related to the height of the user. Of course, except for high chairs such as bar chairs, the height distance between the seat surface of the chair and the ground is not too exaggerated, but if the unit does have people with large height differences, they should also have Considered, but also need to consider the use of office chairs, which also has a certain degree of elegance in the selection.

6. Seat back height

Office work is usually boring and stylized. After work, many people will lean back on a chair to relax their lumbar and cervical spine, or like to put their weight on their back and lean on the backrest. At this time, a headrest or a high-backed The seat allows the cervical spine to be supported and rested, and the head, shoulders and upper back are perfectly supported. However, you should also pay attention to the height of the backrest of the chair. If it is near the neck, the user will habitually place the neck on the backrest at a 90-degree angle, which will easily cause neck injury.

7. The softness of the chair

Check the softness of the seat cushion and backrest for comfort, i.e. the density and rebound of the seat padding. The seat cushion filled with sponge is better to sit deeply without touching the bottom plate, and the rebound is fast. After pressing down hard, there is an obvious rebound feeling, and the seat surface is flat and will not be uneven. Generally speaking, the height of the seat cushion filled with sponge should be no less than 4CM.

If the office chair is not filled with seat cushion and seat back, directly look at the material and hardness of the material itself, and check whether the seat board conforms to the curve of the human body's buttocks and thighs. It should be noted that a chair that is too flat and too hard will damage the spine, while a chair that is too soft and too thick will affect the blood circulation of the legs.

8. Armrest height

The armrest of the chair should be coordinated with the backrest and seat plate of the chair. Try to place the arm on the armrest to check whether it fits the arm curve. Strong support, if the armrest can be adjusted, it must be adjusted according to its adjustable direction to see if it is flexible. Check that the exterior material is not scratched and damaged, and whether the connection between the armrest and the seat is loose.

It is recommended that when purchasing, if you are accustomed to hanging your hands, you may choose an office chair with low armrests or no armrests; if you are accustomed to shrinking in the middle of an office chair, then a chair with higher armrests and a deep seat surface is probably best choice.

9. Air rod

An office chair with good air rod quality, there will be no abnormal noise when sitting on it, and there is no sound of air leakage when shaking from side to side and lifting up and down. When purchasing, use your hand to touch the adjustment lever to see if it is sensitive, you can raise the chair to the highest, and then lower it a little bit. If the chair is lowered to the bottom all of a sudden, there is no rebound, and it feels jerky, it means that the quality of the air lever is not good, and the height adjustment function is not good. Well, in addition, it should also be checked whether the seat height of the chair is appropriate when the adjustment lever is lowered to the bottom. It is recommended to use electroplated gas rods, which are not easy to leak during use, have a long service life, and have a particularly advanced appearance, which can also be rotated and lifted arbitrarily.

10. Tilt function

When office workers are working, their sitting postures change from various angles, 90 degrees or slightly forward or slightly back, and when they are resting, they need a greater degree of back to recharge their tired bodies, so they are purchasing office chairs. The humanized tilting performance of the chair must be considered. Most of the office chairs on the market now have the leisure function of the reclining system. You can try multi-angle adjustment during the trial sitting. On the one hand, you can test whether the adjustment device is convenient to operate, and on the other hand, you can also experience whether the seat can be reclined at ease. .

11. Chair legs and pulleys

The tripod is a very important part of the office chair, it is the support of the whole seat, its quality is directly related to the quality level of the whole chair. In general, plastic and nylon are the most common chair foot materials, with the exception of metal legs. When purchasing, try to shake it left and right to check whether the structure of the chair is stable. Choose a shelf that is resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and heat and humidity, and is not easy to rust.

The pulley is the universal wheel, and the wheelchair is the most commonly used chair in the current urban office. The legs and pulleys of the office chair bear most of the weight of the user, and its stability must be checked; try sliding during the trial sitting to check the flexibility and mobility, and at the same time pay attention to observe whether it is wear-resistant, non-slip, and silent, so as to avoid grinding in the future. damage the floor and disturb others.

Obviously, a comfortable office chair can relax the body and mind, delay fatigue to the greatest extent, and improve work efficiency. When purchasing, you must pay attention to the handling of the details of the chair. In addition to the above specific parts, some hidden parts also need to be carefully checked. Such as some structures of the seat cushion chassis, the structural treatment of each joint, hardware and other small parts, etc., are very important. In addition, after you purchase, at least keep the relevant purchase certificate and product quality manual until the end of the warranty period.

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