Why are bar chairs so "superior"?

2022-09-16 11:14:33 admin

Why are bar chairs so "superior"?

Bar chairs are mannequin-like—thin, tall, straight, generally modern and metallic, and can be rotated 360 degrees. Similar in shape to ordinary chairs, but the seat surface of the bar chair is higher off the ground, usually in the range of 650-900mm. Compared with the 450-560mm of the general chair from the ground, the bar chair is indeed "one-of-a-kind". Why are bar chairs designed to be particularly high?

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The waiters at the bar usually operate while standing, and there are some miscellaneous tools on the operating table, such as bartender utensils, various raw materials, etc. These things, in terms of practicality or aesthetics, do not need to be shown to the guests. With such a high countertop, if the guests in front of them sit on ordinary chairs, it is not convenient for the waiter to serve drinks for the guests, and it is not conducive to the comfort of the guests. If the chairs can match the height of the bar, the bartenders can deliver the drinks directly to the guests (or the guests can easily pick them up) after making the drinks without major adjustments, which will help improve their work efficiency.

The bar is very crowded, but the number of seats at the bar is limited. If a guest doesn't take the bar table, it may affect the traffic flow. It is impossible for the waiter to directly urge the guests to "please leave quickly after drinking." Therefore, the "superior" role of the bar chair is revealed - the high chair makes it easier for people to stand up, which invisibly reduces the physical exertion of the customer standing up. In addition, the high chair makes people have a certain distance from the ground, and the feet cannot be placed on the ground firmly, so the guests have a more or less "insecurity" visually and psychologically, thinking about finishing things quickly. If most people want to continue chatting, they will leave the bar first and sit down at the booth at the back to continue chatting.

In addition, if the bar chair is designed high, people will sit upright subconsciously, without hunchback, without suffocating the stomach, naturally more able to drink and promote consumption.

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