Introduction of several restaurant bars

2022-09-16 11:04:03 admin

Introduction of several restaurant bars

Today's kitchen is a combination of fashion and practicality, and the housing price is getting higher and higher, which leads people to pay great attention to the simple and practical functions when renovating the kitchen. The restaurant bar designed by the restaurant is also a very popular decoration scheme in the decoration design in recent years. The design of the restaurant bar can not only make the whole restaurant look fashionable, but also make reasonable and effective use of the interior space.

The restaurant bar is designed with a corner bar design using the corner space of the restaurant wall, which is a very practical decoration scheme for the family restaurant bar. The wine cabinet design on the side of the restaurant bar allows the entire storage function to be brought into full play. The restaurant bar is not equipped with table legs, which greatly saves space. The very fashionable chandelier design above the dining table makes the whole bar full of romance. The restaurant bar is perfectly integrated with the overall style of the restaurant in terms of color and style.

In the modern minimalist style restaurant, the partition-type restaurant bar design scheme is adopted. This is not only a beautiful scenery line for the dining room, but also has the effect of distinguishing the dining room from the living room in an open layout. The perfect combination of restaurant bar and lockers makes the bar not only a good space for leisure, but also a concrete manifestation of reasonable storage. The partition design scheme makes the dining room bar, living room and dining room well integrated.

In the type of restaurant bar design, many people like a design called the wall design. The bar stool and the restaurant bar make good use of the space, and make this stylish brick wall design in the whole bedroom. It looks monotonous again. The design of the entire Chinese modern style and the fashionable restaurant bar is combined with the light, which makes the whole room look like a modern bar.

In the classical American-style interior decoration, the kitchen and dining room are open-plan design. And its partition is also the design scheme of using the bar. The design of this kind of bar is particularly American classical style, which forms a sharp contrast with the modern characteristic bar described above. In the past, the general configuration of the bar chairs was the metal bar chair chassis, but now in order to echo the classical style of the home environment, the combination of the wooden dining table legs and the wooden dining chairs is harmonious and elegant with the interval of the kitchen.

Some alternative restaurant bar designs are believed to be impressive. The kitchen is designed in a semi-enclosed space, and the partition from the restaurant abandons the solid wall, and adopts a very rustic and rustic-style solid wood color restaurant bar design. Let the restaurant bar become the characteristic scenery of the whole room.