Daily maintenance of office desks and chairs

2022-09-12 17:13:13 admin

Daily maintenance of office desks and chairs

Master the correct cleaning method and maintenance method of desk and chair legs, which can prolong the service life, and make your desk look brand new and always maintain high value! Desk and chair legs, that is, tables and chairs for office use accessories. We are exposed to it every day. In order to have a more comfortable working environment, it is necessary to keep the desk clean and maintain the desk well.

When we enter a new workplace, the feet of desks and chairs may be dirty, so we must have some common sense of cleaning. The following TFS furniture editor will introduce you to the daily maintenance and cleaning tips of office desks and chairs!

The surfaces of the desks and chairs used are often contaminated with dust. Do not wipe with a dry rag. Dust is composed of fibers, sand, and silica. Many people are used to cleaning and wiping the surfaces of tables and chairs with a dry rag. In fact, in the friction of these fine particles wiping back and forth, the surface of the desk and chair feet is dull and rough, and the light is no longer.

Desk chairs accidentally drip stains. Use salt to wipe stains from tables and chairs. Sometimes there are circles of stains on the tables and chairs, just sprinkle a little salt and a little salad oil, and you can brush them off. Gasoline or turpentine can also be removed, but to avoid peeling the paint on the desktop, it is best to wipe it with salt, and use the above cleaner when it really cannot be removed.

Wipe metal desk chair legs with toothpaste. The general dirt on the feet of office desks and chairs can be wiped slowly with a soft cloth dipped in a little toothpaste. If the stain is stubborn, squeeze some toothpaste and wipe it with a cloth repeatedly. Because toothpaste contains abrasives, the detergency is very strong.

Do not use soapy water, dish soap or water to clean tables and chairs. Cleaning products such as soapy water and detergent not only cannot effectively remove dust accumulated on the surfaces of tables and chairs, but also damage the surfaces of tables and chairs because they are corrosive to a certain extent.