Office swivel chair foot structure

2022-09-09 09:02:31 admin

Office swivel chair foot structure

For every office worker in the workplace, the foot of an office swivel chair is the most common item. Every company basically provides this type of seat and office swivel chair legs, which can not only be rotated 360°, but also can be freely raised and lowered, which is convenient and comfortable. It can help everyone work more efficiently, improve everyone's work efficiency, and bring everyone a comfortable office environment. However, no matter how good the office swivel chair legs are used for a long time, there will be some small problems.

Office swivel chair legs are a common object in the office, and everyone must have ignored the office swivel chair legs. In fact, it is very convenient to talk about the feet of the office swivel chair relative to the static chair, especially when many people are talking about work, it is easy to turn the direction.

Generally speaking, office swivel chairs can be divided into three series: executive chairs, middle-level chairs and staff chairs. The structure of each series of office swivel chair legs is different. The executive chair structure mainly includes casters, five-star feet, functional chassis, air rods, armrests, etc. The structure of the middle office chair mainly includes low backrest, casters, soft seat cushion, five-star feet, functional chassis and gas rods, etc. The structure of the staff chair mainly includes low backrest, casters, soft seat cushion, five-star feet, functional chassis and gas rods and other components. Each structural accessory has its own characteristics and functions, which are indispensable.

Five star feet. Most office swivel chairs use five-star feet. The materials mainly include iron chrome plating and aluminum alloy. The iron chrome plating structure is relatively stable, but the bottom is easy to rust, while the aluminum alloy structure is strong. If only polished, the surface will be damaged for a long time. darken. air rod. Air bars, also known as lift bars, can be used to adjust the height and rotation of a swivel chair. casters. Casters can be divided into ordinary casters and PU casters, among which PU casters are more suitable for wooden floors. Function tray. The chassis is a part that holds up the seat surface, and the lower part is connected with the gas rod.