Hardware chassis - the hardware market has deep routines, keep your eyes open before buying

2022-09-06 19:37:04 admin

Hardware chassis - the hardware market has deep routines, keep your eyes open before buying

A small furniture and hardware factory has only one small store in the country. Can it achieve low prices through large-scale production? Obviously impossible. It has only two other possibilities, reducing raw material costs and reducing other expenses. Reducing the cost of raw materials means that the material of the product does not pass the test. How can a qualified furniture hardware product be produced if the material is not passable? The problem of reducing the quality management personnel is even more serious. Not even guaranteed.

Those furniture and hardware companies that cut corners, use shoddy products, and refurbish old products will also promise to consumers that our product quality is absolutely good, we do not do TV advertisements, we do not enter shopping malls, our cost is lower than theirs, so the price is just Low. This is the second step for small brands to persuade consumers. It makes sense to hear this. But why don't you think about why they don't advertise and why they don't enter the mall? Of course, I have to remind you that even if they enter the mall, how can they get low prices? Do you dare to advertise products that cut corners? I am afraid that good products will not be able to enter the regular shopping malls at all, and may be stopped when they apply for entry.

In fact, these truths are self-evident. Originally, the material cost of 60 yuan was used, but he used 30 yuan for you. But behind the 30 yuan material cost reduction, it may be exchanged at the cost of your family's safety. So behind the low price, is the pain you never know. . . . You spend money, but you buy something worthless that could kill you. It is said that what we eat now is unsafe, unhealthy and unsanitary. In fact, it is not the case in furniture hardware products.

The law of getting what you pay for is especially obvious in the furniture and hardware industry where profits are originally low. Cheap products can only use cheap materials, and furniture hardware products with low prices are likely to save some money when purchasing furniture hardware products, but problems will occur within a year, and more money will be spent on after-sales maintenance. . In response to this phenomenon, furniture hardware professionals said that although there is nothing wrong with looking for low prices, we must not forget to measure the cost performance, especially the details of many products are difficult to compare individually.

TFS furniture has pursued a sentence for many years: "The proof of craftsmanship is hidden in every detail that deserves to be magnified and appreciated". As a Youyuan person, we focus on the details of our products, constantly improve our craftsmanship, develop new products, obtain a number of patented products, and achieve outstanding achievements in the furniture hardware industry.