Innovative direction of office furniture design

2022-09-03 10:23:53 admin

Innovative direction of office furniture design

Nowadays, many office furniture with its mediocre and boring shape and design, such office furniture lacks innovation, and does not help the development of the company or the entire industry. How does the innovative design of office furniture reflect innovation?

Innovation depends on the combination of technological content and human factors. A good and creative office furniture design can render an interesting atmosphere in the office space, so as to relieve people's psychological pressure at work, satisfy people's pursuit of a relaxed life, and satisfy people's emotional catharsis. A good office environment and humanized innovative office furniture can create a modern office atmosphere that is convenient, comfortable and efficient, thereby stimulating employees' sense of trust and belonging to the company.

The humanized design ideas of office furniture include: care at the physical level, care at the psychological level, care for crowd segmentation and care at the social level. While pursuing interesting design, it is also necessary to pay attention to the physical and mental feelings of users. The interesting design of office furniture is multi-faceted. It is related to design semiotics, semantics, bionics, aesthetics and other disciplines. It allows users to understand and have a better understanding of office furniture. It is not blunt and simple. Add to bring people communication barriers.

The innovative design of office furniture should not only integrate humanities and technology, but also meet the most basic functional requirements of users. The first and foremost is always based on people's comfort and application, and the second is to integrate and express the designer's subjective thoughts. The interesting design of office furniture should be based on factors such as the type of office space, purpose of use and office form, taking into account the space environment, so that the style of the office space and the design meaning can be integrated, so as to create a perfect harmonious, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the office space.