Stainless steel booth table legs keep pace with the new era

2022-09-03 09:03:57 admin

Stainless steel booth table legs keep pace with the new era

At present, with the vigorous development of China's catering industry, dining tables are becoming more and more diverse, so there are also many types of table foot accessories. The stainless steel booth table base is a bracket for the bottom of the dining table, which can ensure the balance and stability of the table top, and can bear a certain weight. At present, table legs are used more and more widely, and their advantages such as long service life and space saving will also make them highly respected.

The stainless steel table base has the characteristics of high strength, easy to clean, no rust and very durable. The style is fashionable and generous, which can meet the needs of high-end customers and hotel projects, and ensure that each product is a work of art with exquisite workmanship. The stylish curve design gives the product a personality element that makes every family want to have it.

So how to choose high-quality stainless steel deck table legs? First of all, the pipe wall of the steel pipe should not have cracks, open welding, no obvious wrinkles at the bend, and there should be no edges, burrs and edges at the mouth of the pipe. The welding parts between the pipe fittings shall not have leakage welding, open welding and virtual welding, and there shall be no defects such as pores, welding penetrations and burrs. The riveting of metal parts and steel pipes should be firm, and there should be no looseness. The rivet cap should be smooth and flat, free of burrs and rasps.

Mainly in light tones, with stainless steel deck legs, it looks better from everywhere, simple and stylish, and the overall tone is brighter.