The matching of restaurant furniture mainly revolves around three dimensions: color, space and style

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The matching of restaurant furniture mainly revolves around three dimensions: color, space and style

1. The color of restaurant furniture should form an organic whole with the home decoration environment

The visual experience that color brings to people is very important. Different colors have different changes in people's emotions. For example, in an environment with strong entertainment and leisure, the colorful and changeable colors can make people completely relax. This is the reason why entertainment venues such as bars and KTVs often leave people with a gorgeous, dazzling and ever-changing impression. . For another example, dark black is easy to leave people with a solemn, solemn and formal sense. It is better to use dark black in an office or conference room environment.

The restaurant is a place where the family reunites and dine together. In theory, the color of restaurant furniture should be based on colors that are relaxing and easy to increase appetite, such as orange, Gris wood, classic walnut, off-white and light gray. However, the dining room furniture is in the environment of the whole home, and its color matching should consider the harmonious matching with the screen, ceiling, chandelier and floor tiles.

The home is a private personal space, and its decoration should not be as fancy as a public entertainment place, leaving people with a sloppy and unserious attitude towards life, nor can it tend to be dark-colored like an office environment to create a solemn and serious stereotype. Therefore, the color of the restaurant furniture and the surrounding environment should not exceed three colors, and the proportion of the three colors should be as close as possible.

2. The volume of restaurant furniture should obey the size of the space

The matching of restaurant furniture should be carried out according to the size of the placement space, which is easy to understand. Just as short people try to buy small clothes, tall people should buy large clothes. The restaurant does not have a fixed space, different apartment types, different decoration styles, and different restaurant space sizes. For a restaurant with a large space, try to choose heavy and spacious dining furniture. Generally, there is no need to move the dining room furniture in a large space. In addition to being comfortable to use, the heavy and spacious dining room furniture also avoids the disharmony of empty and top-heavy. For a restaurant with a small space area, choose modern minimalist dining furniture that is light in weight and small in size, which not only reflects the exquisite and orderly environment of the environment, but also effectively utilizes the space. Dining room furniture is small in size and light in weight and easy to move at any time. When the number of diners decreases, the furniture can be stored to expand the space environment.

3. Restaurant furniture should be harmoniously matched with the decoration style

Home decoration styles are divided into modern minimalist style, natural style, traditional style, modern style, post-modern style, hybrid style, European style, Chinese classical style and many other forms. Different types of restaurant furniture represent the cultural connotation of different regions, different times and different nations. Whether the restaurant furniture culture is unified with the home decoration culture represents the owner's artistic taste, hobbies and cultural literacy level.

The restaurant furniture produced by TFS is mainly modern and minimalist, especially in terms of surface treatment, through a variety of different surface treatments to match the home or restaurant.