Reflection on furniture hardware in marketing

2022-09-01 09:06:28 admin

Reflection on furniture hardware in marketing

The China Furniture Association once clearly pointed out in its work report that it is necessary to do a good job of matching furniture raw materials and furniture hardware to keep up with the pace of the development of the home furnishing industry. The quality and grade of furniture products are constantly improving, and higher requirements and demands are put forward for related furniture hardware products. The domestic furniture hardware market reflects several problems. United Star has a brief discussion on this.

Problem 1: Low-end products flood the market

The furniture hardware market is also full of "homogenization" and low-grade products. Almost every store of the same type of products is constantly accumulating at different sales prices; some companies, in order to cater to the market, seek quantity and speed rather than quality, and blindly develop low-end products to participate in the competition. Such low value-added furniture hardware will only disrupt the normal and orderly development of the furniture accessories market. Abandoning strict management standards for short-term small profits will not only perish the enterprise, but also the entire furniture hardware market will be hit hard.

Problem 2: The phenomenon of "homogenization" and "counterfeit goods" is serious

The homogenization of furniture hardware is also extremely serious. The erroneous concept of "as long as it is visually identical" misleads many small businesses who are eager to make a fortune. In order to reduce costs and imitate existing products, such merchants must use inferior raw materials and only think about their appearance. However, consumers are not so easily fooled. Such counterfeit and low-grade products cannot guarantee the design and quality requirements of the product at all, and the use period is very short, which naturally reveals that the quality of the product is not up to standard, and directly damages the image of the company.

The problems existing in the furniture hardware industry are not things that can be solved within a day or two. First of all, enterprises must face up to these problems and strengthen effective professional and standardized management. Secondly, it is necessary to combine innovative design, focus on developing product quality, implement the purpose of brand strategy, manage with integrity, and promote the guarantee of furniture hardware brand quality standards.