Furniture hardware, the master of modern furniture

2022-08-26 11:43:05 admin

Furniture hardware, the master of modern furniture

Furniture hardware is the core of modern furniture. The reason why high-end furniture is good is that on the one hand, its materials and craftsmanship, on the other hand, the quality of the furniture hardware used is good. In addition to the materials used for furniture, the configuration of furniture hardware is an important difference between high-quality furniture and inferior furniture. Today, the editor will take you to understand the furniture hardware accessories of the sofa.

sofa hinges

The hardware accessories of the sofa are very important for the sofa. The furniture hardware accessories operating inside have multi-functional sofa hinges, which are used to connect the folds of the sofa chair frame and are an important supporting role for the sofa bed frame and sofa headrest.

electric multifunctional sofa frame

With the increasing number of small-sized homes, the emergence of multi-functional sofas brings convenience to home life. The change of the posture of the multifunctional sofa is mainly realized by the well-designed electric multifunctional sofa frame. The iron sheet riveted electric multifunctional sofa frame structure replaces the fixed frame structure of the traditional sofa. After power-on, the lifting degree of the sofa backrest can be adjusted by the remote control placed on the armrest of the sofa.