Sofa function frame - one holds up the sky

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Sofa function frame - one holds up the sky

The sofa function frame is generally used in massage sofa chairs, which are divided into automatic and manual. The quality of the sofa functional frame plays a crucial role in the stability of a sofa. The difference from the same kind of ordinary sofa is that the functional sofa is more stable and comfortable because of its special functional frame.

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Functional sofas are generally more than 50% heavier than ordinary sofas. Therefore, the sofa functional frame structure of functional sofas must have good foot gravity support. The easiest way to detect is to see how many feet this sofa has. The international standard is that there must be more than 5 supporting feet, and today there are functional sofas with up to 8 supporting points on the market.


The comfort of the sofa reflects its degree of humanization, which depends on the performance of the sofa functional frame. The automatic reclining effect relies on the body's own gravity to complete the adjustment of various angles. As long as the user's waist and hands lie back with a little force, the backrest of the sofa smoothly stretches forward and backward with the posture of the body, allowing users to enjoy the comfort and angle they want. The realization of these steps is inseparable from the support of the flexible sofa functional frame. Therefore, comfort has become a necessary and sufficient condition for choosing a functional sofa.

The standard of imported functional sofa functional frame is: it needs to meet the requirement of 100,000 times without damage in the 245kg experiment. Compared with domestic steel, even for special steel, in the repeated continuous standing test of 208kg weight, the steel generally cracks 3000-5000 times. When choosing a multifunctional sofa stand, special attention should be paid to the durability of the functional stand.

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