What are office chair casters? How to replace casters?

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Office chairs have become a common item in small offices. There are many types of office chairs, and now they are the most popular ones. The office chairs are equipped with reels, which are the so-called casters. The more it integrates into everyone's work and life, because it is more convenient for everyone to use at work and improve work performance. The movable function of the office chair directly depends on the casters, and the quality of the office chair casters directly affects the flexibility and use time of the chair when it is moved. Let us have a simple understanding of the casters.


There are many types of office chair casters, mainly due to the great difference in material. There are usually two types: ordinary casters and PU wheels. Of course, this is not absolute, and the material of office chair casters is mainly defined according to the actual situation.

How to replace:

1. If the casters on the office chair are stuck by the clamps, when replacing the chair, turn the chair upside down, hold the old casters, pull it out with explosive force, put the new one in, pat it hard, and hear a 'pop'. ' The sound is ready.

2. If the casters on the office chair are threaded, when replacing, turn the chair upside down, rotate the old casters down, and install the new ones.

Replacement Note:

1. Caster size:

You need to make sure that the size of the casters to be replaced is consistent with other casters of this office furniture. Casters of different sizes will appear unbalanced after being installed, which will affect the use effect of the office furniture.

2. Caster type:

Use hard casters on hard floors; use soft casters on carpeted floors; choose suitable casters according to the material on the floor to obtain the best performance;

Caster function:

1. Release the brake, the casters can move;

2. Press the brake, the casters are locked and cannot be moved;

Office chair casters are widely used, and sometimes the casters are damaged due to product quality or external force. At this time, you don't want to replace the casters and chairs together, so you need to use the above knowledge; although the above knowledge It can't cover everything, but it can make everyone change the casters of office chairs more leisurely as a whole. It is a practical introduction to knowledge and skills, and it can also help everyone better understand the casters of office chairs.

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