The era of office furniture innovation: the relationship between employees and the office environment is changing

2022-04-13 11:16:05 admin

A business office chair that can sit and recline, a set of minimalist oval log conference tables, and creative tables and chairs that were popular in cultural companies in the past have now become commonplace in more network and information companies. Keywords: office furniture, cushion, sofa, seat, table and chair, home, sofa, desk, conference table, equipment, wooden office furniture, rack, office chair, government office furniture, back chair, furniture, back chair, wooden furniture, seat, filing cabinet, armchair.

The era of office furniture innovation: the relationship between employees and the office environment is changing - office furniture log office furniture design environmental protection comfortable work humanization

      A sitting and reclining business office chair, a set of minimalist oval log conference tables, and creative tables and chairs that were popular in cultural companies in the past have now become the regular configuration of more network and information companies. Modern people no longer arbitrarily classify "eight hours" as "professional time that has nothing to do with personal mood", but instead rethink the relationship between employees and the office environment from the perspective of ecological protection and humanization. Nowadays, office furniture pays attention to environmental protection, and the colors of home use are becoming more and more intense. Leisure, relaxation and life have become a major trend in office furniture design. This season's office furniture emphasizes that on the premise of satisfying functions, creating more comfortable work environment. At the same time, the intelligent and humanized functional design of the new generation of office is also more and more in place, which makes people want to move the office furniture directly home. Log sofas, pink armchairs, lime-yellow filing cabinets, file racks with creative geometric shapes, and a healthy working environment like an open-air garden, do you feel the youth and vitality in the office? The workplace of the post-80s and post-90s is an era of releasing individuality and publicity. This year's office furniture no longer blindly emphasizes green and energy saving, but more emphasis on environmental protection in material selection and creative design to bring people a comfortable and relaxing experience. Log office furniture is not simply replacing some materials with logs, but integrating into the entire furniture design. Some chair surfaces and backrests are integrated with leather, which fully reflects the minimalist log style; It is designed together, and the log support angle is like a mother's arm, wrapping around the backrest seat, making people feel warm; there are also some leisure log seats, which can make you lazily nest in the "back" sofa when you are at home , you can feel the freshness of returning to nature when you work; of course, companies with lounges can also choose comfortable sofa chairs. The log brackets are matched with height-adjustable down cushions, which are really comfortable. These log series boldly adopt curved and oval designs, without the rigidity of straight furniture. This type of stylized office furniture is quietly changing the stereotyped and rigorous impression of the office space, trying to give professionals more freedom and inspiration. Office furniture made of natural logs has to undergo more than ten deep processing processes such as anti-corrosion and drying. Due to the extensive use of mortise and tenon inlay structures, the release of toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde is at least 2/3 lower than that of sheet furniture, and the comfort is far more than traditional office furniture. The operation of private enterprises has shifted from the norm to the pursuit of brand personality and differentiation. In the past, similar products were made of veneer. The company staff dormitories were made of pure solid wood, environmentally friendly water-based paint and traditional craftsmanship. The cost was much higher than before, but this is also a manifestation of the company's more humaneness and emphasis on employees' life and inner experience. Using the wooden nail method of traditional wooden furniture, adhering to the concept of returning to nature and environmental protection, the first customized order was completed by a dedicated person and special service throughout the process. Private customized services also cater to the individual needs of corporate brand offices. The procurement of government office furniture is also very "personal" this year, and the customization of desks is getting smaller and smaller! In addition to being affected by the newly issued "Standards for the Construction of Office Buildings for Party and Government Organs", paperless office has also become a driving factor. At the same time, this type of customization has higher requirements for solid wood, environmental protection and design. Dark, solid wood small The desk has become the best-selling product in the "small office" era. Make furniture more intelligent, make full use of all available space, and make the design more humanized Height, suitable for people of different heights. Realizing the healthy work mode of "sit-stand" combination, which can combine office and rest, in addition to health, it can also improve work efficiency. Change the working state, so that the office furniture, which has always shown a calm and solemn image, has also changed from the dull monotony of the past, and has become more and more energetic, younger and more fashionable.